Memory board


memory board2

So I just made a memory board. WOW.

Let me tell you that I’m freaking proud of it haha (:

So basically I was cleaning my desk and I was like “I have so many things I want to have up that I don’t have any room for… Hm… LETS DO A MEMORY BOARD” so I made one… 😀

The board has Justin on it, newspapers articles about Justin, Torsten Borg’s autograph+picture, Selena Gomez autograph, pictures from the summer, Letter from God, my “xoxo Maddie<3” sign, “Peace” sign and a picture with me and Julia doing the heart (:
What do you guys think of it?

julia and me



Cold and dark


I really miss the summer. Not that that picture is from the summer (It’s taken some months ago) but I just miss the warm and bright days. Now it’s so dark and cold. And no snow. I just want it to be snowy and stuff so I can finally play in the snow. What am I? 3? yes.

Well today I went to the mall after school. I went with Emppu (Emma). We went to Royal Meals and ate french fries and then we went to some shops…

I have one damn side for math homeworks. Lord kill me, I don’t wanna do those homeworks!

My teachers hates me though so…

But today they sold tickets for Justin’s concert in Finland. Yeah, not that I bought any but just thought I would tell y’all 😉

And I need to watch Justin’s interview with Oprah since everybody’s talking about it and I wanna watch it ok… But idk if I even wanna hear about Justin talking about Selala…

Okay, well now I’mma do something else with my life, baiiiiii. For now 😉