So what I need you guys to do for this picture to happen in real life is to GO READ THIS HERE: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rjjmf0 that my friend wrote for me and then I need you guys who have twitter to help us trend #BieberforMaddie on FRIDAY THIS WEEK. The time is not sure yet but I’ll make a video about it this week before friday so yes. Keep your eyes open for that video and yeah, please help me guys. Most of you knows how much it would mean to me.
Thank you guys for reading, bye<3
xoxo Maddie
(You can also click on the picture to get to the twitlonger that my friend wrote)


“Good things ha…


“Good things happen to good people, but great things happen if you work hard.”

And with those wonderful words from myself, Scooter and Justin I’m going now.

Sleep well or have a great following day (:

xoxo Maddie

Girlfriend Commercial


So basically I died watched this.
I MEAN HOW PERFECT CAN YOU BE?! And skgfgjhgkjhfkgjfsgs Imagine if that was real life. No I can’t even.

I’ve watched that shit at least 9828574857485 times and I feel like downloading it and watching it on my phone and fall asleep to it and watch it in school while everyone else are being peasants and sleep with that video and everything I can’t deal.
My ovaries just went POOOFFFFF. Gone.

Just a small town girl


Hi there guys!

So I’ve had a blog before, http://fashionandgirl.blogg.se, but I decided to start writing on an english site, since I write on english anyways.

I’d like to get all my posts from the other blog moved to this blog but I guess that won’t happen… Oh well.

I’ll try to update as much as I can here, but I might get bored of it… Let’s hope for the best 😉