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Thank you guys for reading, bye<3
xoxo Maddie
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Dear Justin,

You might never read this, but if you do, then I know this might put a smile on your face, and that’s all I want.

I heard that apparently you think your fans are leaving you? This might be a rumor but I thought I had to say something about it anyways.

Your FANS might leave you, but Beliebers, we’re here forever.

Fans are those people who like your music but as soon as you do something they don’t like they’re done. They have no faith. Beliebers, we have faith in you.

We might not always agree with everything you do and we might talk about rumors and stuff more than we should, but at the end of the day, it’s all love. All just love.

We understand that you make mistakes, because we do too. Plenty of them. Some of those mistakes might have even lead us to you, which then makes them somehow good, because we got to know you because of them.

I just want you to know that I’m never leaving, and Beliebers are never leaving. So have a little faith in us all.

Stay strong Justin, and when everything gets hard, just remember that you have us, your Beliebers. You’ve helped us all, and you’re always here for us, so therefore we’re always here for you. Thank you (:

Chin up Handsome, because your crown is falling (;<3



Christmas feelssssss


So I just listened to Under The Mistletoe earlier today and I just got the Christmas feels that you need. Lord, I’m too much on twitter though… And tumblr. I mean wtf, “feels”? Jeez, I need to upgrade my vocabulary NOW.

Okaiii well enjoy listening to this flawless song, baiii<3


I’m so freaking obsessed with tattoos now. I have this dream to get a tattoo saying “Believe” and a butterfly next to it, and I want Justin to write the “Believe” for me and draw the butterfly… Crazy dream, but that would have such a big meaning to me since Believe already means a lot to me, but then to have Justin writing it and stuff… I don’t know.

I’ve been dreaming about meeting Justin and getting a tattoo every night now so I will probably dream that all until I meet Justin and get a tattoo… Shit, that’s gonna take a long time… D: But let’s all hope for the best 😉


Well yeah, I’mma go now though so like… bai<3


Cold and dark


I really miss the summer. Not that that picture is from the summer (It’s taken some months ago) but I just miss the warm and bright days. Now it’s so dark and cold. And no snow. I just want it to be snowy and stuff so I can finally play in the snow. What am I? 3? yes.

Well today I went to the mall after school. I went with Emppu (Emma). We went to Royal Meals and ate french fries and then we went to some shops…

I have one damn side for math homeworks. Lord kill me, I don’t wanna do those homeworks!

My teachers hates me though so…

But today they sold tickets for Justin’s concert in Finland. Yeah, not that I bought any but just thought I would tell y’all 😉

And I need to watch Justin’s interview with Oprah since everybody’s talking about it and I wanna watch it ok… But idk if I even wanna hear about Justin talking about Selala…

Okay, well now I’mma do something else with my life, baiiiiii. For now 😉


Girlfriend Commercial


So basically I died watched this.
I MEAN HOW PERFECT CAN YOU BE?! And skgfgjhgkjhfkgjfsgs Imagine if that was real life. No I can’t even.

I’ve watched that shit at least 9828574857485 times and I feel like downloading it and watching it on my phone and fall asleep to it and watch it in school while everyone else are being peasants and sleep with that video and everything I can’t deal.
My ovaries just went POOOFFFFF. Gone.