So what I need you guys to do for this picture to happen in real life is to GO READ THIS HERE: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rjjmf0 that my friend wrote for me and then I need you guys who have twitter to help us trend #BieberforMaddie on FRIDAY THIS WEEK. The time is not sure yet but I’ll make a video about it this week before friday so yes. Keep your eyes open for that video and yeah, please help me guys. Most of you knows how much it would mean to me.
Thank you guys for reading, bye<3
xoxo Maddie
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Memory board


memory board2

So I just made a memory board. WOW.

Let me tell you that I’m freaking proud of it haha (:

So basically I was cleaning my desk and I was like “I have so many things I want to have up that I don’t have any room for… Hm… LETS DO A MEMORY BOARD” so I made one… 😀

The board has Justin on it, newspapers articles about Justin, Torsten Borg’s autograph+picture, Selena Gomez autograph, pictures from the summer, Letter from God, my “xoxo Maddie<3” sign, “Peace” sign and a picture with me and Julia doing the heart (:
What do you guys think of it?

julia and me


Dear Justin,

You might never read this, but if you do, then I know this might put a smile on your face, and that’s all I want.

I heard that apparently you think your fans are leaving you? This might be a rumor but I thought I had to say something about it anyways.

Your FANS might leave you, but Beliebers, we’re here forever.

Fans are those people who like your music but as soon as you do something they don’t like they’re done. They have no faith. Beliebers, we have faith in you.

We might not always agree with everything you do and we might talk about rumors and stuff more than we should, but at the end of the day, it’s all love. All just love.

We understand that you make mistakes, because we do too. Plenty of them. Some of those mistakes might have even lead us to you, which then makes them somehow good, because we got to know you because of them.

I just want you to know that I’m never leaving, and Beliebers are never leaving. So have a little faith in us all.

Stay strong Justin, and when everything gets hard, just remember that you have us, your Beliebers. You’ve helped us all, and you’re always here for us, so therefore we’re always here for you. Thank you (:

Chin up Handsome, because your crown is falling (;<3



Hello world

I’m just gonna start off with saying fucj paparazzis and stuff.

Now that I got that over guess what I’m doing? N o t h i n g. I’m sitting in my grandparents’ living room playing games on my phone. Wow life is boring, but oh well I’m surviving😜

So I forgot my cleansingwipes(?) at home and I’m just feeeeeling myself getting bad skin for not being able to wash away my makeup ugh.

Ok imma go now, byeee 👋


Happy Birthday Justin!


Happy Birthday Justin!

Yes, Yes, it was important to have EXACTLY that picture there when I’m writing a happy birthday post to Justin. Yes.

So Happy Birthday Justin! I hope you have a great last year of being a teenager and please get drunk and stuff and just idk share everything with us this year, will ya PLEASE? (;

You’ve saved me in so many ways and you mean everything to me, so thank you so so much for doing that. I tweeted what my birthday gift to you is so yeah… I love you Justin, thank you for everything you do for us Beliebers<3 I’m never leaving your side (:<3maddie

“You want me, girl you know you want me”

Well it’s time for me to go to sleep so that well tomorrow I can get an iPhone and stuff… WHO’S EXCITED BECAUSE I AM?!

And then it’ll be 52 days ’til I’m seeing Justin so ONE LESS DAY. (I’m normal bye.)

Ok, well time for me to go to sleep. Night beautifuls (: I’ll update more tomorrow (:

(Anyone else noticing how I mention Justin in EVERY SINGLE POST? Yeah because I do…)


Just. perfection. Bye.